We signed Acuity.Music - 'Sources' out June 2, 2012!

Wir freuen uns riesig nun ein Teil von Acuity.Music, dem digitalen Sublabel von Let it Burn Records , zu sein. An der Seite von großartigen Bands wie A TRAITOR LIKE JUDAS, Final Prayer, The Haverbrook Disaster, Showyourteeth und vielen anderen bringen wir am 2. Juni unser Debüt-Album 'Sources' heraus. Physisch wird die CD zusätzlich über Monster Artists/Soulfood vertrieben. Neben einem Gitarren-Solo von Sebastian Reichl ( Deadlock ) gibt es noch Guest-Vocals von Karl Schubach, dem Sänger von Misery Signals. Wir werden euch bald erste Ausschnitte von 'Sources' präsentieren - bis dahin könnt ihr bitte diese Neuigkeit verbreiten!


We are stoked to be part of Acuity.Music - the digital division of Let it Burn Records. Along with great bands like A Traitor Like Judas, Final Prayer, The Haverbrook Disaster, Showyourteeth and many more our debut-album 'Sources' will be released June 2. The CD will furthermore be distributed physical via Monster Artists/Soulfood. Beside a guest-solo from Sebastian Reichl (Deadlock) there are also appears Karl Schubach, vocalist of Misery Signals, on the record. first snippets of 'Sources' will soon be revealed - in the meantime SPREAD THE WORD!

What the Labels says:
 "It seems like Southern Germany is on the rise. After the wonderful post-punk-hardcore outfit MARATHONMANN we have found yet another band from Bavaria that was promising enough to get signed with Acuity.Music. In short: We heartly welcome VIRTUE CONCEPT to our label roster. The band has risen from nothing to one of the hottest and most professionally working acts in the hardcore scene, impressing their audience with powerful live shows and their brand new album "Sources" which was recorded with Sebastian R. (Deadlock) and mixed & mastered at Kohlekeller Studios. We are very much looking forward to showing you how fresh and innovative metallic hardcore can sound in 2012!"


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